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Frequently Ask Questions

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Regarding filter changes, when do my air filters and reverse osmosis drinking filters need changed?

The industry's recommended schedule for filter replacement is as follows:

  • Air Cleaner Filters - 3-6 months*
  • Refrigerators Pre Filter - Every 90 days
  • Whole Home Pre Filter - Yearly or as needed
  • Reverse Osmosis Pre Filter - Yearly
  • Reverse Osmosis Post Filter - Yearly
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane - Every 2 Years

*Please note that more frequent replacement may be desired if pet shedding and/or large amounts of dust occur in the home.

Save money by keeping your house hold devices properly maintained.

Save Money

How often does my home systems need tuned up and maintained?

Having your equipment routinely serviced is an industry recognized and consumer report recommended way to best maximize your efficiency, extend the life of your systems, cut costly repairs, and save you money on your energy bills. Here at Buddy's Maintenance we pride ourselves on making sure our customers are completely satisfied and will be taken care of. In following this statute, it is important to us that our customers are aware of services that can protect them from unwanted breakdowns during the hot summer months and cold winter periods. Buddy's Maintenance offers a tune-up, and customer discounts.

The industry's recommended schedule for equipment tune-ups are as follows:

  • Air Conditioner - Yearly /Seasonal
  • Gas Furnace - Yearly /Seasonal
  • Heat Pump - Twice Yearly
  • Gas Water Heater - Yearly
  • Dryer - Yearly / To avoid lint buildup
  • Washers - Yearly / or as needed
  • Refrigerators - Yearly
  • Dishwasher - Yearly

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