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Video Gallery

Sorry I said dirty evap coil I meant to say A dirty condensing coil. Don't let this happen to you. Your food will go bad.

Customer asks me why his AC was not working. This is why. Rotted out condensing coil. If this was a car radiator, your motor would have been blown a long time ago. Keep your pets from urinating on the condensing coil and it will last longer.

See what a 24,000 btu 410A failed compressor sounds like. This one sound like a saw. It was real loud.

Crack Carrier heat exchanger.

Update: 24,000 btu 410A Armstrong compressor replacement done, working great. Compressor under warranty, labor not.

The before and after cleaning of a Kitchenaid dishwasher pump housing, caused by to much liquid soap and a drain hose to long and wrong sized. The dishwasher is working good now. After repairs where preformed.

In this video I talk about how shoe laces can get caught around a dryer motor and start a fire.

Ducting replacement, customer complained of breathing problems, I can see why. Fiber glass sure isn't good for the lungs.